40000000000010 2 (or 40000000000010 2: Two Without Stuffiness when is on UK) is the show made by genebernardinoLawl, Rip-offs Gree City, Inspired on Regular Show , Greeny Phatom, and more!

What is airing?Edit

It aired on

  • Cartoon Network (Fan-Made)
  • Gene Bernardino Network
  • Jetix (Fan-Made)
  • Teletoon (Canada, Fan-Made)
  • Felipebross Network
  • Felipebross Network XD
  • Koopatroopaman Studios Network
  • Felipebross Adult Network
  • [adult swim] (Fan-made)

Where's the pilot?Edit

The pilot is only on Season 1 Episode 1, but is unaired

Pls. I not a gree city fan!!!!!!!!

Felipebross Studios Network Next BumpersEdit

Felipebross Studios Network Next Bumper - 40000000000010 200:07

Felipebross Studios Network Next Bumper - 40000000000010 2



Main article: 40000000000010 2/Characters


That this show was uncensored.

It is only aired on Felipebross Adult Network.


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