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Battle for Dream Island is an object show that ran from January 1, 2010 to January 1, 2012.


2008 Edit

May 2008

jacknjellify draw the first bfdi characthers:Firey,Teardrop,Spongy,and Woody

June 2008

Bubble, Eraser, Pencil were drawn.

Coiny, TB, Flower, Ice Cube, SB, Rocky, Blocky[1], Golf Ball were drawn.



September 2008

Firey Comic 2 were drawn.

2009 Edit

February 2009

BFDI Animation were added.[3]


Total Firey Island has released.[4]

July 2009

Firey Comic 3 were drawn.

August 2009

BFDI 1 Storybard were written.

2010 Edit

January 2010

BFDI Episode 1 were released.

September 2010[5]

Blocky were rejoined.

2011 Edit

January 2011

BFDI Episode 13 were released.

BFDI 1st brithday.

April 2011

1st budget cut, puppets are used.

Inanimate Insanity were began.

August 2011

The BFDI channel hit 1K subscribers.

2012 Edit

January 2012

BFDI Episode 25 were released.

BFDI ended.

June 2012

BFDIA released.

August 2012

Dora is eliminated.

The BFDI channel hit 3K subscribers

References Edit

  1. Blocky is named Building block.
  4. There are total of 18 books.
  5. Mistake is Sep. 2009