Count Brick is a 3D animated cartoon on Felipebross Network. The series revolves around a yellow brick with facial features and disjoint arms and legs (BFDI limbs in season 2) who is bit by a vampire in the Pilot Episode.

Who is your faverouite Count Brick Character?

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Pilot (Summary: After a hard day of work, Farmer Brick goes to bed. However, he wakes up to see that a visitor has broken into his barn and bit him! Can Farmer Brick, who is now a vampire called Count Brick, save the day?

The Sun Spirit (Summary: After the vampire had bitten Farmer Brick, the evil Sun Spirit has appeared and is about to kill all the vampires in the world! How can Count Brick save the day without being turned to ash?)

Monty's Garlic Shop (Summary: A red brick called Monty has opened a garlic shop and Count Brick goes undercover. But one thing is that the people are encouraging Count Brick to taste some garlic. However, after the vampire bite, Count Brick is allergic to garlic! How can he escape? Find out!)

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