Shape Havoc is an object show on Felipebross Network. It is also a reboot of Anthropomorphic City.

Episodes Edit

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The show premiered on April 5, 2014 as a pilot.

The show is now cancelled as of 2015.

Teams Edit

Episodes 2-16: Edit

  • Team Gas (Captain: Antibubble)
  • Team Rectangle (Captain: Aquamarine Rectangle)
  • Team Yummy (Captain: Casino Token)

Episodes 18-present Edit

  • Lemony Limes (Captain: Lime)
  • Team Blue (Captain: Originally Green Octagon, but since he got eliminated in Ep. 20, it's now Orange Heptagon)

Contestants Edit

  • Acid Guacamole
  • Antibubble
  • Apeirohedron
  • Aquamarine Rectangle
  • Aquamarine Square (recommended character)

For the full list of Shape Havoc contestants, visit [[1]]

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History Edit

The show first premiered as Total Shapes Island, it premiered on August 8, 2012 as a pilot and January 4, 2013 as a real episode. Total Shapes Island had contestants who are characters from Greeny Phatom, Anthropomorphic City, and Shape Havoc excluding Celeste Dodecagon and Acid Guacamole. The teams were Team Greeny and Team Good (originally Team Gree). Total Shapes Island got cancelled on December 23, 2013 due to Greeny Phatom getting negative reviews.